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Professional Pet Sitter

I am the owner and pet sitter for my business in the Hill Country of Texas providing services to Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and the surrounding areas. These services include dog sitting and dog walking, cat sitting, large animal care and house sitting. 

Cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, creepy-crawlies and other critters… I’ll care for them all. Everyone gets the same level of love and attention I give to my own pets.

I have always loved having animals around me. I've had pets all of my life, my parents being animal lovers as well. I am very fond of cats and at times have owned up to five. My dog Jeze was very loyal and loving, but has passed some years ago. I am not afraid of any type of pet be it snake, scorpion, rat, bird or large animal such as horse or cow. I handle them all! 

At 46 years old I had finally gotten tired of office jobs and made the decision to become a full-time professional pet sitter. I have previously worked as a Veterinary Technician, Paramedic, Workers’ Compensation Adjuster, a Grant Writer, as a Medical Review Specialist for an insurance carrier processing medical bills and as a Medical Practice Manager working for doctors doing their medical billing. 

In 2013 I finally decided to do something on my own. I started my pet sitting business, Aunt B Critter Sitter. The name comes from my nieces and nephew calling me “Aunt B”.

I also work as a Virtual Assistant when time allows. I do computer based freelance projects as well. I also build websites and business pages on Facebook and Google+ for small businesses. 

I love my work! Happy pets are my priority! 

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