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​​Client Testimonials 

Beth King (Aunt B) is simply fantastic! My wife and I have used her pet-sitting services several times and have never been disappointed. Beth is accommodating, caring, considerate, and professional, yet personable. Our two puppy dogs love Beth and we always know that they will be okay when she is caring for them. Beth will send us status updates by text which is a nice touch. We are just thrilled that we have 'found' Beth and highly recommend her to others who need a pet-sitter. Type your paragraph here.

Paul G., Kerrville 

Beth is amazing! Our fur babies love her! She's always available when we have last minute plans come up. She is affordable and goes above and beyond, she even sends text updates on our babies after her visit.

Amber G., Kerrville 

Beth has been dog sitting for my 2 'lil senior dogs for 2 years. She is sweet & gentle with them. The dogs have a variety of medications & eye drops, and Beth s attentive to their schedule & administration. She has also helped out by transporting the dogs when they needed to get to the groomers or vet while I was working. My work schedule varies, and Beth has frequently accommodated last minute schedule changes, and requests for extra hours.

Ronda R., Kerrville 

Beth worked with us for over 2 years. We had many "critters" to include peafowl, a feral cat community, and dogs. All my pets were very fond of Beth and it was easy to see she was kind and caring toward them. She was quick to learn and acquired new skills such as the care and feeding of newborn kittens to supporting a senior dog with his physical and medical needs. I always knew my pets were well cared for when I was away. I would still be using Beth but I moved away from the area.
Ann M., Fredericksburg

Beth walked in and my usually wary dog immediately warmed up to her! She answered all our questions, took great care of our dogs and took care of our home too. I could not have asked for a better experience.
Rachel W., Kerrville

We have had the pleasure of using Beth King as our house/pet sitter for the past two years. She is extremely responsible and reliable. From calling the Vet about a horse who was lying down in her stall to chasing a persistent snake out of our chicken house, she handles it all with grace. Our little dachshunds love her and our scaredy cat rescue dog wags his tail when he sees her coming. We highly recommend Beth, she has made it possible for us to "leave the farm" without worrying.
Anita U., Fredericksburg

We booked Beth to sit our dogs for two days recently. She was wonderful! One of our dogs is exceptionally skittish, and she took the time to gain his trust. I also wasn't quite sure that he would come to her (since he doesn't go to anyone but me), but she said that after about fifteen minutes she was able to get him to go outside with her. She texts updates, which is wonderful and keeps you from worrying about your fur baby. Her prices are fair, and she comes to meet with you before you book. We would (and will) absolutely book her again.

Hannah R., Kerrville

Beth has shown herself to be reliable and trustworthy. We consider our pups to be our family (we call them our babies!) and would not leave them in the care of just anyone. She came at the time we decided upon and did all that we asked of her. I highly recommend her as a great and caring pet sitter. Give her a call if you are in need of a sitter and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Janette D., Kerrville 

Aunt B! She is great with our pets. She has taken care of our small animal farm caring for everyone's needs. Over the years these have ranged from bunnies to chickens, hedgehogs to gerbils and cats and dogs. Beth is in tune with each animal's needs and really cares for them. She isn't a feed and run kind of person, but one who makes sure that all their needs are met. That makes all the difference to our family!

Steven K., Kerrville 

Beth is awesome with our pets! Our finicky, sometimes aggressive small dog adores her. Tidbit liked her from her initial visit. She also takes care of our two cats. I used someone else previously and was disappointed. You will NOT be disappointed with Beth's care.
W., Kerrville 

Beth is very dependable and professional. Extremely friendly and courteous. I feel that our dogs are in good hands with Beth when we are out of town. Always responds to calls or texts promptly. Gives me good feedback regarding how the visit went. Definitely will continue to use her.

Sharon D., Fredericksburg

It always goes well. Ms. King has worked for us for many months and we have never been displeased. 
Rachel W., Kerrville